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Merci patron! – DVD

The documentary that Dior doesn’t want you to see, winner of the Cesar Award to Best Documentary 2016

François Ruffin has a mission. He wants to restore dialogue between Bernard Arnault, CEO of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, and the workers he laid off over the years as jobs were outsourced to foreign labourers.

In northern France, Ruffin meets Serge and Jocelyne Klur, former employees of the Kenzo costume factory, which was relocated to Poland under Arnault’s orders. Finding out that the Klurs live in abject poverty and that their debts are accumulating, Ruffin decides to help them with a plan worthy of a twisted Robin Hood.

Language: French, Spanish and Catalan
Subtitles: Spanish, Catalan and Euskera
Format: 16/9
Duration: 84 mins. + extras
Extras: trailer + “Misión Amancio”
Rating: for all audiences
2016 | Spain | PAL | Color | Zone 0

9,95€ 8,95€