Loba – DVD

Give birth at home? Increasingly difficult. In the world 20 million caesareans are performed a year, more than double the 15% recommended by WHO.

LOBA is the documentary journey to discover how we experience childbirth today. From the testimonies of her patients and midwive friends, Catherine Béchard -osteopath-, invites us to visit Spain, France, Mexico and Cuba on a journey to find, in an intimate way, how and why we have evolved towards an increasingly medicalized birth with the midwife profession threatened.

Includes a 08 page booklet (only available in Spanish)

Also available online at: vimeo.com/ondemand/loba.

Languages: French / Spanish
Subtítles: Spanish, French & English
Extras: Trailer + Other Stories + Interview with Cristina Alonso
Format: 1.85:1 – 16/9 anamorphic, compatible with 4/3
Duration: 85 min. – extras: 29 min.
Rating: Suitable for all ages.
2015 | Spain – France | PAL | Color | Zone 0

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