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COMPACTO acquired the distribution rights for Spain of “Merci Patron”, the film that revolutionized France in early 2016. Compacto has been in charge of the marketing plan, the redesign of communication (poster and trailer) as well as the distribution and social networks.

Synopsis: Bernard Arnault is the richest man in France. His lust for power led him to relocate his Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton factories leaving thousands of people without a job. Among the affected are Serge and Jocelyn Klur, a couple who find themselves unemployed and on the verge of losing their home. That’s when François Ruffin a Robin Hood of the XXI century, knocks on the door of the Klur’s with one idea in mind: to retrieve what is rightfully theirs. A story of suspense, emotion, humor and even espionage.

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