Ebro, from the cradle to the battle

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2014, 70 min, Drama, Spain

Film direction: Román Parrado

Screenplay: Eduard Solà

Cast: Oriol Pla, Enric Auquer, Àlex Monner, Emilio Palacios, Roser Tapias, Artur Busquets, Manuel Morón, Adolfo Fernández, Alfonso Sánchez, Kimberley Tell


“EBRO, FROM THE CRADLE TO THE BATTLE tells the story of five young men called to participate in the key battle of the Spanish Civil War.

The story begins in April 1938 when the President of the Republic, Manuel Azaña, ordered the mobilization of thousands of boys of 17 and 18 years of age to join the fight against Franco’s troops in the key battle of the Civil War. These young people were referred to as “Bottle Generation” referring to the young age of the combatants.

Among the boys sent to the Battle of the Ebro is Pere Puig, who had to leave his shepperd’s life; Fermin Quintana, who has been enlisted to find his missing brother; Valentí Godall, anti-.fascist; and Jaume Comelles, a seminarian who lives scared of colleagues like Martin Claret, anticlerical, who look at him with as much hate as enemies. “

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Main awards and nominations

Public Award
FicCat 2017
Best Director
Zoom Festival
Special Premiere Section
Malaga Film Festival
Oficial Selection
London Spanish Film Festival

Other awards and nominations

Asociación de escritoras y escritores de Cine de Andalucía. Nominated for best male performance (Manuel Morón), nominated for original music (Pablo Cervantes), nominated in the category “Other Formats”.

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